Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cardboard Castle

This project  was done in response to the Bourriaud and Bishop readings.  The cardboard castle is made of recycled material and is meant as a satirical response to the creepiness of Disney World.  On the surface, Disney seems like a magical place, but underneath it has many secret workings, corruption ,etc.  Thus, the outside of the castle was covered in paper to hide its shabby looking construction, and the inside was left bare to reveal the true construction behind the piece.  Also, the piece responds to  the childhood nostalgia of disney, cardboard creations, and childlike play.  The paper on the outside can be written on, and I left markers next to the castle so that people could draw on and interact with the piece.  I'll be leaving the piece up the rest of this week and posting pictures of how the castle has changed.

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