Sunday, April 1, 2012

Visual Project 2

 This installation is a response to the Bachelard and Bishop readings for installation.  I took inspiration from the following artists in my piece: James Turell and Claudia Borgna.  I used the ideas of playing with the senses, light and perspective from the Bishop reading and James Turell's work.  Claudia Borgna inspired me to create organic looking pieces from inorganic objects like plastic bags.  I was influenced by the Bachelard reading by attempting to do the opposite of what it intended: create an installation that was unfamiliar and odd, rather than one that reminded people of memories, their home, and comfort.  Besides the construction itself, this installation is a response on consumerism and our modern daily lives, by taking objects that we normally use, waste, and experience every day out of their original, familiar context.  

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